Our Mission

“We are trying to give human society the opportunity for a life of happiness, good health, peace of mind and all good qualities through God consciousness.”  – Srila Prabhupada


Look around yourself today. Everyone is on the ready, raring to go, keen to achieve, eager to savour the sweet taste of victory. Look a little more closely. You will now notice the lines on the foreheads, the strain in the eyes and the fear in the faces.

Raise your emotional antennae just a fraction and you will be whiplashed by the tension that is palpable in every molecule.


If life is the pursuit of happiness, what sort of joy can await us at the end of this fear and tension ridden journey? Or is this the price that we are paying for progress?

The fault lies not with the scientific and technological progress that has occurred. Rather, it lies in our own interpretation of ourselves, the world around us and what we want from life.


Today the spirit of competitiveness is lauded, extolled and held up as the single most necessary virtue. Unfortunately, in practice it has been reduced to a principle of win at all costs. For all our patting ourselves on the back for being at the pinnacle of evolution, we are actually no better than the animals among whom only the fittest survive.


Can we rise above all this? Can we truly and deservedly claim our position at the summit of evolution the way nature intended us?  


Yes we can. By just going back to the basics.


Every human being is discontented. We all feel that something is missing. We want more. No matter how much we possess, it is never enough. We are afraid to die. We want to live longer, be healthier, look younger and accumulate more wealth. We want to increase our knowledge and awareness. We want to experience more joy and happiness. All these lead to unbearable restlessness!


Our mission is to enable people discover themselves and their true potential. So that they can fulfil their chosen roles in life easily, comfortably, peacefully while being Krishna Conscious.


We don’t bring you any new-fangled theories or wisdom. What we have to say has been said before, thousands of years ago, by the ancient sages in our Vedic literatures. We only facilitate the process of drawing it out and acting upon it.

As every architect knows, to rise high you have to first dig deep. Let us turn to Bhagvad-gita for the timeless wisdom!